Visitor Interlude

Perhaps because I am a person who walks the prairie and sits on stones and ponders the way of things, I am also a person who is always asking “is this the way forward, am I on a purposeful track?”  Well, every once in a while there comes a day that duly shouts the answer. 

I made a trip to town to pick up felting artwork that was in the local art gallery for a showing during May.  Conversations lead to the possibility of a solo show at a later date, and an ask for a display a few pieces of my felting at a gallery and gift shop at the nearby resort town.  As a sideline, because that’s how visits go, it also netted a conversation on pros and cons of self publishing a book.  

Feeling very intrigued I hastened my way home and along the drive passed a silver car, which, unbeknownst to me, contained visitors who were headed to our place.  A phone call to check on directions revealed that we had just passed each other.  Nancy, Ruth and Mavis were making the trip out to the ranch to look at  fleeces.  The visit was fast but oh so fruitful as we conversed with one another over sheep's wool and deepened our appreciation of fibre, artwork, land and the places we live.  To my sheer delight, Nancy loves to work with natural dyes - there is future collaborations there for sure.
The ladies were soon on their way, with two fleeces and a piece of felted artwork in hand, and after a change of clothes I was back out on pasture, looking over green hills littered with ewes and this years lambs. It is so curious to me that woven throughout the entire day was the thread of every piece and person being connected, and I marvelled at how good it (I) felt.  So my creative path shall continue because this day duly screamed that creativity is one of the pieces that make up this whole of a life. It may just be that creating artwork and sharing written words is a piece of far more importance than I’ve admitted if only because it’s a tad scary to keep up with oneself when the self finally admits to a purpose it cannot deny.   


  1. A good day, all the way around. Your Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall annnnd Winter! piece is very nice.


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