Triplet Quandary

The first set of triplets arrived a few days ago. Triplets are a bit of a quandary when pasture lambing as we feel the excitement of seeing triplets and yet we know the odds and what triplets mean.  We don’t get many sets, usually just a few each year; this isn’t a prolific flock and we don’t manage for it to be so. 

If there is another ewe lambing I’ll risk stealing a triplet and pawning it off but I have to be sure the second ewe only has a single and that she has lambed recently enough the two babes are equally fresh to her so that she can be convinced both are hers. 

This early in lambing the odds are slim, and indeed when these three were born there was no alternative.  I left all three with the ewe.  I came across them today and they’re doing alright.  There is always one lamb that is smaller and that’s the case here but mom is great with knowing she has three lambs and keeping them near and keeping them fed.  A small success thus far and that's what we build on.


  1. Bless this little mama for taking care of all three.


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