Ode to Pasture Lambing Needle Felted

If you recall from a couple posts back I was working on a piece of felting.  Even though lambing time is busy I still steal time in the early hours of the morning for artwork and journaling; it’s just less time than can be had during winter.  Given that I don’t know what the day will bring out on pasture this morning spell is fast becoming my favourite part of the day (provided I don’t get sucked into face booking). 

Ode to Pasture Lambing

I wanted to do this piece as a sentiment for all those who pasture lamb (they’re aren’t many of us who do in our province as intensive operations and jug lambing become the norm). 

It’s roughly 10 x 12 inches. I like that you see what it is but are drawn in to looking further and your eye travels the piece to take it in.  It's showing a tad darker here than it is for real. I'll be sharing more progress photos on Facebook - but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  Sleep is needed. 


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