Lambing Commences

…. and we’re underway.  Ten lambs born on this first day of lambing.  If I wasn’t ready for lambing before I need to be now.   

The ewes have moved to the lambing pasture (one quarter section, divided into two halves). Two portable water stations are being readied to move out.  The leg crook lies in the back of the ranger where it will be for the next six weeks (I use a leg crook to catch lambs).  I have tags for the female lambs, and paint spray for the males.  My lambing backpack contains the needed supplies (tags, tagger, castrating rings, elastrator tool, one can of paint marker, notebook, gloves (in case), rubber lamb puller, and dissection kit. 

This year I’ll be doing set stock lambing. I’m not doing drift lambing because I’m so done with handling electranetting and we can’t keep a good charge on it to make it useful.  So set stocking it is. With two paddocks plus pasture space, I’ll be able to shift groups out and hopefully keep the overflow to a minimum.  

The Kelpies have been doing a fair bit of work of late with vaccinating the flock, sorting the cull group, tucking the ewes up at night, sorting wethers from the rams so we have sheep to dog during the summer and so on. With all these tasks accomplished the work throughout lambing will mostly be comprised of training time and helping me when I’m in a bind with a ewe.  

And so we adjust; me, the sheep, the lgd's, the stock dogs.  My days are no longer my own but will cater to the ebb and flow of life and death that happens in a birthing season.  Emotionally, I'll go up and down right along with it, for how can I not, when I have this front row seat.


  1. Your last sentence was a gem, and sums up your life perfectly. I hope it all goes well for the mothers and the lambs, and the dogs too, and that while it is a lot of work, you are still enjoying your dream.

    1. Thanks Judi, every time I sit down to write, (a blog post, personal journal, the for real actual book) - these are the gem sentences that catch me - and I seldom see them coming, I only recognize them once they're on the page.


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