The Days Saving Grace

It was our turn for cold and wet weather and from the start of the morning yesterday I was sure we were in for a dreary day of lambing all around.  Rain showers during lambing are not much to be concerned about, but colder temperatures and wind, along with rain that doesn’t let up, is trouble. 

Disturbing new lambs in cool, wet weather isn’t necessary so I elected to leave them alone even though it puts me behind with tagging and ringing.  One can always catch lambs at a later date, even if you have to change your process to do so, but new lambs have only a limited time to get a belly full of warm milk and settled next to mom for warmth.  As I traveled the pasture I could see ewes and lambs had done just that, minus one lamb who had not.  Much better to leave them alone then. 

The days saving grace was the rain was light, the temps stayed above zero and we had a few hours of sunshine reprieve mid afternoon.  Just what young lambs born into this day needed.  I took this next photo because the sunshine was so wonderful and needed, I did not pay any attention to the church in the background as it’s a couple miles away as the crow flies, more than three miles by trail and road.  I did not even see the church while taking photos so it was a surprise to see the church in the photo on the computer - the days saving grace indeed.  

Two lambs were brought in to the milk pail, and two died.  It feels like we got through by the skin of our teeth but skin of our teeth or no it’s a welcome and satisfying feeling.  The wind remains with us, however, this evening was a golden one, full of brilliant sunshine and running lambs. 


  1. Beautiful shot with the church highlighted in the background. I didn't realize you were that close to civilization. I had pictured you many miles from Nowhere.

  2. Your picture is correct. We are in the midst of nowhere. The church is a heritage site, well kept but no longer used except on the rare occasion someone wants a wedding out on the prairies. Neighbours close enough at a mile away but no highways for miles, going to town for mail is an hour round trip.

  3. I had visions of you as you are, so was also surprised to see the church..thanks for the info. Makes a pretty picture.Of course anything with lambs in it is wonderful,especially with mom as well.Nova Scotia has not warmed up yet! had frosts,and most nights no higher than 5..with the nasty east wind..coming week wet and highs of 15.18,nights still cold.

    1. It's a nice thought to think the church watches over us. The sunshine during the day is really a saving grace as we too are cold yet, with nights dipping below 10 degrees and occasional risk of frost.


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