Art and Writing As Downtime

I’m working on turning this scene into a piece of felted art. It is suited to lambing time and to Mother’s day today.  

I still make time for artwork and for writing, even if just for a stitch here and there. Those two activities are my down time and take me off my feet for a bit which is a good thing because I tend to go steady otherwise.  They also pull my mind away from the useless nitpicking it wants to do at this time. 

We're in the midst of ugly weather for lambing but are hopeful we're on the tail end of it.  Warmth and sunshine will be stellar.  The pace of lambing is still slow, and we've only lost one lamb though, a testament to the good mothering of the ewes.


  1. Wishing you some good weather for lambing.

  2. I adore the picture of 'mama and babes' Cold and miserable in Nova Scotia.Hope it warms soon for you and the little ones.

  3. Sweet picture of mama and little ones. Good to hear you're still writing...

  4. Weather is improving, it's coolish but the sun shines. Pace is picking up.


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