It's Just Not Ideal to Lamb Now

… and the lambing continues.  We are really hoping this will wrap up in time for shearing which happens next Tuesday.

When disruptions from the usual way of operating happen it always highlights one’s choices for operating the way you do, or sometimes, if your mind is open to it, can suggest an alternative.

There are a few reasons why this is not an ideal time for lambing for us and why we would not switch any time soon.

The ewes do not have grass feed at their feet as they do when pasture lambing in May.  Those ewes who birth must move to where the hay feed is to eat, and this is where every body else is congregated as well. So lambs mix up with ewes who are not their mamma.  They always seem to manage to get themselves sorted out but it's not what the ewe prefers.

When lambing a little bit later the ewes have some time grazing on fresh and highly nutritious grass prior to lambing.  With lambing at this time of the year they do not have that.

The flock is traveling continually in search of greens they know are about to sprout. Lambs just a couple days old, must follow.

Weather is a huge factor with pasture lambing no matter what month.  Right now though our nights are still below freezing.  The lambs manage well so long as mom is attentive and they get up to suck. If we get a rain at this time of the year, it is a cold rain and that does no one any good.  So while we’re hoping for good spring rain for the sake of grass, we’re also hoping for it to not happen for another week for the sake of lambs.

It's really not a major deal to have a few lambs now, it's just not ideal.  We are taking it all in stride, a fact that speaks to our comfort with raising sheep.

The guardian dogs are well aware there are little ones about and I can count on Whiskey to indicate where the newest lambs are; he’s always settled nearby.


  1. I can sure understand your feelings on this. I have people ask me why I don't have my sheep lamb in March or even earlier, since I have a comfortable barn for them, and I want to say, Hello! There is no grass in March, and it is COLD! Seems like a no brainer to wait until late April at the earliest in my area to lamb. My calves, too, are born in late May and early June.

  2. I was very touched by Whiskey The Faithful One.

  3. I was touched also by Whiskey. And I really hope all goes well with the new lambs.

  4. I was touched also by Whiskey. And I really hope all goes well with the new lambs.


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