April Fool

It is April Fool's Day but I didn’t get the joke I needed.

Allen and I headed out for chores together tonight and while guardian dogs ate he took note of a ewe off on her own and not traveling with the others. We headed over to check her out and, be damned, she had a set of twin lambs at her feet. Wait, … please let this be a joke, isn’t it April Fool's Day?

No joke, but we’re not totally shocked either.  Let me take you back to this post: Son of A Bee, it’s a favourite one.  You’ll want to click the link and read it now. 

So alright then, that is when the lambs happened, but we’re eternal optimists and so we were hoping by dumb luck they didn’t happen.  No luck.

We moved mom and the twins within proximity of the flock so the guardian dogs could keep tabs on all.  By the time we did that another single lamb was born to a different ewe.  Looks like that son of a bee was busy enough that day.   


  1. When is your usual lambing time?

  2. No one can ever truly control the extent to which God deems life good and breath ordained. This would make such a delightful children's story...sometimes you cannot wish away what is meant to be. The Three, Alive!

    1. You're right there are many things working outside our control, this among them. Going with the flow eases the way.


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