Whirlwind Interruption

Going to water

While I fully intended to blog the last couple days, having a wee social life while I am here, plus preparing to leave, created a whirlwind of interruption in computer time.  

I headed out from Burradoo this morning and this time leaving stirred up a host of feelings am not sure what to make of yet.  Each year it is increasingly tougher to leave the dogs and the place.

I am not headed for home just yet though.  Tonight I am at another ranch in NorthWest Montana, visiting with more kelpies and company.  I had a wonderful sunny afternoon with the host, taking dogs for a long walk across just a tiny portion of this land and then a couple hours to explore and take photographs.  And I did plenty of that, however, we will both have to wait to see any of them because  sleep is sorely needed after a morning of driving and a full afternoon of hiking.

p.s.  I posted a short series of the flock in the top photo going to water on Facebook. 

p.p.s. the lgd in the last post is Akbash, Anatolian Shepherd, Komondor cross.


  1. My but you do get around. Why are the sheep in "circles?" Thanks for letting up know the family background of the lgd.

    1. Just the way the feed (corn feed) was spread out for them.


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