Montana Note

I have arrived and settled into my accommodations in Montana. The internet access at the guest house is non-existent so I’ll touch base from elsewhere as I’m able.

Life at Burradoo is as regular and familiar as ever, just with fewer dogs this year.  I brought Gibson and BlackJack with me as both like to travel and are easy to have along.

We unexpectedly jumped right into the Montana wildlife scene on our first morning walk when Gibson and Jack herded a mule deer fawn into the creek. Gibson called off, young Jack - not so much.  Both he and the fawn were in the creek and it took a few minutes to convince him to leave the little critter alone.  Once the dogs were out of the way Bill and I returned to the find the fawn but it had moved on.

We worked a few Kelpies on sheep this morning and then moved the flock to the day pasture for grazing. A nice, easy task to start off with.  I expect to work a few dogs over the next few weeks that I’m here. 

With meeting and greeting the familiar faces I know here and catching up on the chore list, I haven’t uploaded photos from the camera but I will do so shortly.  Meanwhile if you'd like to take a peak at where I'm at you can hop back to some of last years posts starting around this one: coyote calls. 


  1. Oh, thanks for the flashback. Now we can visulize what it looks like there.


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