Montana Day Four

I left SK just prior to a nasty blizzard blowing in there. I reached my destination in Montana and while there was a light skiff of snow it was soon gone.

This was on day two, sunny but cool and windy. On each of my stays here I hike up to the top of the rim rock. I just love it up there, such a vast space of rugged and gnarled landscape. All the species that find a way to grow in this landscape surely deserve a great amount of respect.

This is the scene today. I took over the crew of dogs and did my first run with the pack this morning in heavy snow and tonight as I write it is still snowing.  All the dogs were agreeable and quite respectful today, sensing the change in personnel and taking a bit to sort me out before trying any shenanigans they're bound to try on me at some point.

I'm repeatedly counting dogs during, and when we return from a run, to be sure I have everyone accounted for.  The photos only capture some of the group of fourteen. It's only one more dog than I have at home but with over half of my dogs being guardian dogs they don't join in on runs with my stock dogs. 


  1. Wow. Keeping track of fourteen dogs must be quite a task; And I'm wondering about feeding time. How many sheep are there?

  2. Enjoy your thoughts when you are there. And I did wonder if the ranch dogs got along with your dogs, and listen to your commands. Fun and interesting comments!


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