Almost Like Home

The sheep got lazier and lazier about moving out to pasture and back so I started using a dog to help them along.  I use either Muster or Drover (two of the Kelpies here at Burradoo) to take sheep out to the day pasture each morning and Gibson gets the pleasure of taking them back to the night corral. This is Gibb moving the group across the bridge and heading through the kennel yard.

We’re bringing the sheep in a little early to sort a group and work a few dogs. 

Holding at the gate, while I take pictures

I worked Gibson a bit, then started with BlackJack and moved on to Nugget and Deuce, two younger dogs Bill asked me to work a bit while here. A pretty easy and relaxed time was had by all, and I felt very pleased with the dogs and myself.  If only working them went that smoothly every time; we might be champions by now :-)  


  1. Too bad you don't have someone to video all the action. It would be interesting to see.

  2. No snow! What a beautiful sight! We have three feet, and there is no going anywhere without snowshoes and Border Collies stepping on my snowshoes!

    1. The snow is coming and going this year. The day after this photo, it was winter again but it didn't last through the next day. Snow is gone at home as well but it remains colder.


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