Working Art and Kelpies

Ride Along
16 x 20 inches
color pencil on paper
(yes, it's for sale)

This piece has been in the works for about a month. You can see one of the early progress photos of it here, Commonplace and Connected.  I didn’t work on it straight, but did a couple other pieces, like the felting one shared a few days ago, while I picked away at it.  I’m glad I persisted and saw it through.  I’m very pleased with it and also very glad to put it on the shelf and move on to the next piece. 

Spring will be here soon and with that comes the increase in outdoor work which equates to less indoor time for artwork.  I threw myself into artwork this winter, putting aside all notion of frivolity that often plagues me when it comes to spending time doing art.  Throwing myself into artwork has been very rewarding for me and in a way I feel refuelled for this life I live with sheep and dogs.

The days are stretching longer and with Springs approach I feel a push to create as much as I can before winter heads out. With the increase in daylight and warmer temperatures the Kelpies are riding along for chores, meaning the scene above will quickly become a daily occurrence again.  I’ve also started working the stock dogs again, concentrating mostly on BlackJack and keeping things light and simple for both our sakes.  It's a good life.


  1. I went back to the Dec 2 posting to see Blackjack. He looks very intense.

  2. You have captured him perfectly. I have seen other dog pics here and there, but what you did is really great. He looks many dog pictures are not true to life. So good to see you happy with life!

  3. The eyes, the ears and the tilt of his head say so much! This drawing speaks to the observer. His expression has been very well captured indeed.


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