Wool Art; Sunrise Over The Seasons

I started this one a couple weeks back and shared its beginnings on Facebook. That was all I shared because this piece was destined for someone who did not know that it was on its way and I did not want them seeing it beforehand.

That someone operates a grain and cattle farm near us and a long, long time ago she asked for a piece of wool art - whatever I came up with would be fine. So I pondered (aka procrastinated), took into account their livelihood, snuck a photo of their house on an evening visit one night, and came up with this (it morphed a couple times during the process):

A bit of a different subject and plenty of detail in this one as I attempted to capture the four seasons of a grain and cattle farm life, and could not let it go without including the family’s Norwegian Elkhound. I have to say, after doing sheep for so long, I did struggle to get the cows to look like cows.

16 x 20 inches and I used a wee bit of silk/wool blend on the water bodies and some yarn to get the effects of field work in the spring and fall. The flowers in front of the house are done with wool neps (think of those tiny little balls that develop on a wool sweater - that occurs during wool processing too and the ‘neps’ are dyed and sold).

I delivered the piece last weekend; it was very well received and appreciated; I think it almost resulted in some tears.

A couple close up photos of the detail ...

At 16 x 20 inches this overall piece is a decent size, so this fellow is tiny. The fact that he even resembles an elkhound is icing on the cake.  He was the last detail I added to the piece and was the crowning moment for me!


  1. “Sunrise over the Seasons” This is a very intricate piece of artwork. It is gorgeous! After creating sheep for so long one could well imagine that capturing the look of cattle would not be an easy feat. The giveaway for me in knowing they were cattle was by the look of their tails. The home adds such a quaintness to the scene. Thanks for explaining about ‘wool neps’ and its use in creating the flowers. The folks who were the recipients of your precious gift, Arlette, must have been humbled, it’s no wonder they were almost in tears!

    1. Ann, I always appreciate your comments of the pieces and how you see them. Thank you for that.

    2. My pleasure, Arlette! I assumed its potatoes in the barrells? I'll be waiting for your next creation.

  2. Oh....Arlette....this is charming. I just LOVE it to pieces!!!!


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