Snow Flake

Somebody sure likes it when it snows.

Coyote Mic is a wee bit of an obsessive dog. It’s the one thing that sets her apart from the Kelpies (Mic is half Kelpie, half Border Collie). Out of the Kelpies I’ve had, and others that I've looked after, none have displayed any deep obsessive qualities like this although BlackJack probably comes closest.  Mic is a also sweet, sweet dog who likes to cuddle and is a stellar little worker too.

BlackJack and I had a good go on the dogging sheep tonight. I wanted to do some tight pen work with him but of course we needed to pen our sheep first. Rather than get one of the other dogs to do that I thought we’d give it a go and if we made it great, if not, no big deal. We’re putting about 30 sheep into 16 x 8 foot corner pen. It was a great little bit of work for us and great use of the opportunity.

I did discover however that Tex (guardian dog) cannot be with the sheep while we work (normally he’s with the flock so is not an issue).  Tex became increasingly upset with Jack working and I had to intervene to keep Tex from pouncing on the stockdog.  Jack could feel the pressure from Tex too, and he started to get concerned he was in trouble with the big white dog nearby.  Tex is a suspicious dog and I’m not sure how far to trust him yet.  I'll have to find an alternative place for Tex when I want to work the dogging sheep.


  1. And I thought I had a challenge with two rescue German Shepherds. Never a dull moment at Dog Tale.

  2. The pictures are are wonderful. You caught Coyote Mic at the exact moment. You could sell pictures like that. Separating the dogs when moving sheep seems a good idea. I guess Tex is doing his job of protection, and Blackjack was trying to do his. A great life though, with all your dogs, doing what they were bred for!

  3. It's so fun to watch a dog that loves the snow :-) Great photos!


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