LGD's and How It Shall Be

This is whiskey looking relaxed but alert to something in the distance, perhaps he’s watching Lily who is just over my shoulder.

He is five years old and has become a very diligent and steady guardian dog. He are Lily are partners, something I think she decided on rather than he, but he’s more than willing to oblige. He’s an assertive dog and won’t let fences stop him if he’s in pursuit, and yet he’s a great pack member. If all Anatolians were made like this we might have a few more of them.

Lily on the other hand, has been putting enough pressure on Tex and Wren that they no longer stay with the main flock but visit while we’re there and then return to sit with Zeus and his group. I’m not sure how to solve that issue or if I need to right now. The dogs cover territory no matter which group of sheep they sit with. It just feels a tad ridiculous to have three dogs with such a small group of sheep, but dogs don’t worry about such things so perhaps I can take a hint from that for now. Until I come up with a way to convince Lily that other dogs are allowed in this is how it shall be.


  1. At least Lily has Whiskey if there is any trouble. Do you think she has singled him out to be her partner, because her instincts tell her he is the one she can depend on? The others are okay, but this male is the one she trusts? From what you have said about him, he sounds just like a few of the stellar Anatolian Shepherd dogs I have heard about.

    1. Lily is top female, I think she just picked a mate. How they go about deciding that is unknown to me and I'm okay with that. Whiskey will keep up with her, she's buds with Oakley as well but as he's getting on in age he doesn't keep up to her enthusiasm. Tex is an odd dog and I'm thinking there is something deeper to that and it may be why she doesn't like him to stay around.

  2. That really makes sense. Good choice Lily!


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