Commonplace and Connected

It’s pleasing to hear that others are aware of the nutritional wisdom of livestock, I think it is something that has gone amiss in recent agriculture trends.

There are so many facets to keeping livestock; watching what they do, guessing and juggling and guessing again until a piece fits. It is like working on a puzzle with new pieces constantly being added.

Cajun joined me on my trek out to the flock last evening. He was so pleased to be along for the ride, and he was cold, lol. When we visited the cull group of sheep I let him work for a few moments, tucking the sheep into the building and then bringing them back out again. All too soon we’ll have another winter behind us and be back into the routine of working together daily.

Meanwhile, this is a current work in progress. The dog is Coyote Mic. I enjoy both drawing felting and will switch between the two regularly. When drawing I can sink into the tedium of trying to attain detail. With felting I can let that go to some degree - I’ll always be attracted to detail to some extent.

There is something uniquely and soulfully satisfying about being a creative person and using that as a means to share glimpses of a rich life connected to land and animal. Taking notice of the nutritional wisdom of a ewe nibbling a weed during evening chores and later that night drawing a scene of a working dog that is so commonplace to you, and feeling in your bones how utterly connected all of it is.


  1. Wow, you really captured his expression.

    1. Thank you, I took a lot of time working the eyes, hoping to catch it.


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