A Few Faces of The Flock

Colder weather has returned and the ewes have remained settled on the hay feed through the day, electing not to travel the last couple days. 

Since the ewes are staying at the hay feed during the day they are well settled when I arrive again in the evening as opposed to just returning from their daytime travels. I enjoyed a couple short spurts with the camera on a couple evenings this past week to catch some photos of them.

Sheep have a way with expressions, especially when lying at ease, and even with their backs to you. 

The beady eyed Cluns are some of my favourites and are challenging to get good photos of their black faces, so I'm always trying to take photos which gets them more suspicious.  

This next girl appears to be full and does not bother rising with me nearby but was still snacking where she lay.  

These were taken on different evenings in very different light. The camera lenses have a metal body so they get cold quick and are also cold on the hands. The larger lens works for about half hour before  the focus mechanism slows too much due to the cold.


  1. The one with the black face is keeping a close eye on you. You look suspicious.

  2. Love the amazing sort of expressionless faces,they certainly are not without expression..just to me, give that impression,so contented,and worry free..that half smile..'I know something you do not'And not about to tell! I do enjoy the pictures,and learning about them..Would be wonderful to have all in a book..you know one of those coffee table books,of course the super art would be included..

    1. Thank you for your comment. I'm being guided (shoved perhaps :-) ) in the direction of a book or two more and more of late.


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