Wooly Wanderers

Just when we thought the ewes were ready to hunker down on the hay feed and stay put for the winter they begin wandering off to graze the greater pasture area.

The ewes are making this choice to leave the hay feed and venture out and forage as they prefer and I love to see them do so. I feel very strongly that being able to travel and forage at any time of the year goes a long way to keeping animals healthy and content. If we locked the ewes up in corral spaces we’d never know of their strong desire to do so.

Today the ewes ventured toward the yard and discovered a hillside right on the edge of the yard that they have not yet grazed. They are actually just outside of the pasture. This meant they were in view from the house - a rare occasion. I had to stop and watch them each time I passed by the window. Sheep therapy.

With the combination of the winter scene and the uncommon spot, it was like seeing them anew.  Finally I grabbed the camera and darted outside, still in my moccasins, to take a few photos regardless of the flat light.  It is marvellous how vigorously they dig for edibles under the snow.

I let the Kelpies outside at one point and they all gawked at the scene - taken by surprise that sheep could be right there, in their yard; we always have to walk or drive out of the yard to see sheep. Oh they gave me a laugh.


  1. I love this! Freedom to find nourishment. Freedom of movement.
    And then, do they not go astray? Not ever?

    1. Occasionally they do go astray, not so much during the winter though.


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