Wool Works Needle Felting

I'm catching up with a Facebook post - I have had my head buried in the sand, reading, writing, feeding sheep, and felting.  I shared this piece on FB a few days ago but I'll share more information along with the photos here on the blog.

I haven’t come up with a definitive way to start my needle felting pieces. Some take a lot of effort to set up and others fall into place with little need for set up. The ones with a lot of detail I have to draw first and transfer to my canvas, others I just dive into without any drawing.

The reference photo for this one was very poor but the scene was there and called out to be done with wool. Since it is a simple scene I figured I could attempt it and see where the fibre took it. I struggled some with the leaves and felt I was trying to force them too much before letting go and letting them be.

'Shady Rest' is about 16 x 20 inches and may still get some felting yet but I thought it would be good to show where this one started and where I left off with it.  It's all needle felted, using fibre from Romney, Corriedale and Targhee cross sheep.


  1. Oh my gosh, you really have talent Arlette. Yes, it is amazing.

  2. This is simply beautiful, Arlette! I love the colours of the trees, a reminder of Fall. Your title is so appropriate.

  3. It's all been said by the others and I agree. I really love this piece. It feels very organic and peaceful.


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