Solo Photo - Sheep

Sea of Wool

A fitting photo for the recent bitter cold upon us once again.  Took a few tries to get a photo with no sheep heads popping up, still had to crop the edge of this one.  


  1. Are they grazing? They are packed in awfully close together to be grazing. Ditto Farm Buddy.

    1. They're eating rolled out hay feed. When grazing the prairie land they would not be as close together, no. Their closeness also indicates how cold it is. They are not bothered by -20 or so but when temps dip below - 25 and approach -30 (celsius) they bed down closer together for the night.

  2. Sheep all focused on fodder provide mutual warmth via close proximity!

  3. Really great picture...I'm with them..heads down and bunch together. It was -26 here this morning, actually temp. The norm for January in northern Minnesota.


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