Sepia Sheep

A couple photos that were quite poor quality and about to be tossed before I decided to try them in sepia tone.

I love this one of the single, it makes me want to know what she is looking at. It has a lonely feel to it, perhaps if only because it’s a sheep on her own (the flock is behind her, to my right). It was taken on an evening check of the flock, the sun is just going down but there is still some residual light.

The next photo was taken during the day but is too light, or overexposed. Not a great one but I appreciate the scene, knowing a few extra details about the sheep as a shepherd does.   I wasn’t trying to take a photo of any dogs but I see Tex landed in this one.


  1. I really like that picture of Tex!

  2. Looks like "old timey" photos. Nice.

  3. I love these wonderful salvaged pictures!

  4. I love the opening around the sheep with the black legs. It's as though she is on a stage. The dog is the barker who is calling all the flock to the show. :-)


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