January Mornings

The mornings are long, quiet and dark, a perfect time for a creative person to work, and the one reason I look forward to winter. Otherwise winter is a season I have learned to grin and bear as best as possible. I rise early each day, a habit I’ve had for as long as I can recall, make a cup of tea and sit at the desk or the art table; which ever one pulls me that morning.

A morning can pass by in no time and often I feel a sting of disappointment that light is showing in the east already. The disappointment is not because I dislike like the next part of the day but because I wish the creative part did not need to end, such is the feeling it gives me.

We’re feeding hay daily now as the stockpile forage is dwindling, although on nicer days the ewes still prefer to travel and pick. We don’t anticipate any flock work in the next while; the kelpies will have it easy for the next couple months.  Sheep breeding is well underway with ten rams servicing the ewes in the main flock.  Since I sold some animals there is only a small number of replacement ewe lambs left over this year.  We did not bother to separate them from the main flock.

This photo is of Zeus and was taken during the first early snow fall, back in October.  I like the soft orange colors for a first sheep and dog photo of the new year.  


  1. I just watched a tutorial on the Internet on felted artwork. So interesting.

    1. :-) I find it a very fitting art form for me given my shepherding life and ample subject matter.


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