Felting with Kelpies

The weather has turned warm - too warm.  It’s never a good thing to have melting temperatures, when without a doubt, you’ll be returning to frigid temps in short order.  Remaining below freezing would be best. 

The winter plugs along and I right along with it.  I don’t go too far; I’m so settled in my place during the winter and find I don’t have a lot of reasons to go anywhere. A trip to town now and again and a very occasional day in the city is more than enough.  Today was the latter, as I traveled to the veterinarian with BlackJack for a neuter procedure, and spent time in the city while waiting to pick him up at the end of the day. 

Daily details of looking after a flock, guardian dogs, stock dogs, and taking long walks consumes the shorter daylight hours.  What’s left is spent at the art table, which is highly enjoyable for me, or attempting some writing, which still requires effort.

One drawback with doing fibre art and living with Kelpies is that fibre art equals large volumes of wool, and Kelpies occasionally desire to get their paws on the stuff.

blurry phone photo 

I quickly grabbed my phone to snap a photo as BJ climbs over the back of the couch and drops into a big box of bulk wool.  A perfect pillow, but now and again she also attempts to pluck mouthfuls of wool, or to pull it off the drawing table and drag it around.  Perhaps I shall have to teach her to back sheep and hit the topknot as many kelpies are taught to do in their native land.

A weighty kelpie sinks deep into the wool


  1. "But, Mom, its so soft and cushy. And what does back sheep and hit the topknot mean?"

    1. Backing sheep is when the dog jumps up and travels across the backs of the sheep. It is used when sheep are in alleyways and pens and there are enough of them that they are tight together in which case the easiest path of travel is across the back of the sheep. The dogs get to the front of the group and drop back to the ground. In some cases the dogs are taught to travel to the front and rather than drop back to the ground, they pull at the top knot of the ewes (the top knot is the wool on the top of the head). This causes those ewes to want to move.

  2. Love it....so fun to see happy dogs!

  3. Love pics..Weather same here in Maritimes..I fear for some of my special trees,plus the many Succulents I have ..so far had three big freezes and then thaws..plus rain.


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