Felting Through Cold and Wooly Days

It’s a cold and wooly day; a day well suited to working with wool in one’s spare time. Since I pulled the felting needles out, I’ve been working pretty steady on needle felting.

A couple blog posts ago I shared the sketch and layout of the start of another project.  This is the finished look.

This one is just a little better than 12 x 16 inches in size. Made with wool from Shetland sheep, Romney sheep and Corriedale sheep. The shetland wool was used for the background and while it did not felt easily, or tightly, the longer fibres created an effect on their own with little shaping from me.

Many of the scenes I imagine doing with wool are of the sheep and the guardian dogs.  Only occasionally does one of a Kelpie pop into my mind, although I do think of many kelpies pictures to do with color pencil.  I have a bag of brown/blackish shetland wool the was gifted to me from a reader.   It was the brown/black colors and the long fibres that made me see a kelpie in some fashion and when I went through my reference photos the pose of this dog seemed a simple one to try.  I have no title for it yet.


  1. What a difficult medium you have chosen for your artwork. But it seems to be a very appropriate one for you. Pretty fascinating.

  2. The color of the wool goes so perfectly with the dog. It's a beautiful piece. Are you keeping this one? It would be hard to part with this one.

    1. Tough to part with yes, but I will put it up for sale. You know, - it's kind of too good not to.

  3. You are a very talented Artisan, Arlette. Your newly one-of-a-kind creation shows such imagination! The colours of the Shetland wool match perfectly with the Kelpie in the foreground. I have a title suggestion to make for this piece of artwork "Kelpie caught-up in the Waves of Wool". The crimp of the Shetland wool reminds me of waves. No doubt, you have your own ideas for a title, however, I thought there would be no harm in sharing mine with you. I'm so looking forward to seeing your next creation.


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