A Winter Walk

The dogs and I make the most of our afternoon walk on this gloriously sunny and warm day by traveling out to a far south pasture for an extended romp. We’ve just come around a bend and through a gateway. As we head up this hill it gives the illusion of vast prairie space but once we crest that hill there is native prairie, trees and shrubs to explore in.

Just five dogs; I left the eldest dog at home. Fynn is the Border Collie and at 14.5 years of age these longer treks are tough for him.

The flock is nowhere near here but during the grazing season the sheep often settle in this pasture on the far side of that hill. I’m heading to a favourite sitting stone, and after that we explore our way around the native prairie and head back home, tired and well refreshed by time spent outdoors on a glorious winter day.


  1. Gee, I'm jealous of all that flat land to walk around in. I live on the alluvial fan that spreads down from the mountains. Think roller coaster walk.

  2. My old Border collie, Scout, is 14.25, but luckily, he still goes on every walk that Kelsey, Bess, and I go on. We probably don't go as far as you, but probably a mile or two every day. I know I must be starting to sound like a commercial about this, but this year, I bought Scout a jacket that is very lightweight and warm. It was only seventeen dollars, and takes a second to put on. I never ever put a jacket on a dog of mine before, but it really makes a huge difference for Scout. I think it keeps his muscles warmer, keeping him more limber. He acts like he is four instead of fourteen!


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