The first blast of winter cold descended today. The wind was strong this morning and just as strong tonight with the added colder temperatures to really make it sting. It’s time to dig out the heavy duty winter clothes.  I didn't take the camera with me today.

Mid - late afternoon the ewes decided to move over and graze on the lee side of some brush; they were feeling this first sting of winter wind as well. I decided to leave them out tonight rather than move them to the night paddock as there is less shelter there.

We are not feeding hay to the flock yet, so the winter chores are pretty low key. The rams and the dogging sheep only need an occasional bale set out for them.

With the flock in the winter pasture, it’s a shorter trip back and forth from the yard. Much to my dismay Wren and Crow are showing up here each day. The short trip to Nova Scotia gave me some distance from Crow for a few days, some time to be sure. When I returned from Nova Scotia I began advertising that Crow is for sale, and the pups recent activity confirms it for me yet doesn’t make it one iota easier.  Still, it’s time to respect the dog he is, rather than continue to bend him to be the dog we need. He will be an awesome multipurpose yard and livestock dog for someone else.


  1. Oh, hard to let Crow go...but your thinking is correct. Do hope he goes to someone close by, so you can visit him once in a him grow physically and as a LGD.

  2. I'm not surprised at your decision. Tough to do, but wiser in the long run. I wish I lived closer. He'd be perfect for us.


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