Coyote and Cold

We’re in the midst of ugly, ugly cold. The ewes venture out to graze, make a round and head back to the shelter of the bush and the feed and bedding rolled out there.

The coyotes are thick in number and causing trouble. We’re seeing them more often now as they follow the flock. They too are seeking food in this deep cold weather. The ewes are restless and acting suspicious, fleeing at the slightest cause. The guardian dogs are on the watch but occasionally get drawn out to attend trouble elsewhere and the coyotes take advantage. The more the ewes stay put near the feed, the safer everyone is.

I miss being out with the camera but am thankful to have a large collection of photos to share from.


  1. That last picture is a beauty. I love the texture of their fur. Are you able to count the ewes and determine if some are missing due to the coyotes? I don't know how you can, as I had trouble counting my flock of 23 ewes and lambs this summer. How cold is it by you? We are supposed to be at zero degrees F by Wednesday night, but I think my cattle prefer that compared to the muddy mess that occurs when the temp hovers near freezing, although they can always go in the barn if they want to.

  2. Your guardian dogs have their work cut out for them, and thank goodness for their heavy fur coats.

  3. Love those brockle face ewes. Stay safe everyone, dogs included!

  4. No way to reliably count when they're out at pasture. Need a gateway or some narrow place to file them through. We dipped down to minus thirty mark, which is troublesome as any amount of wind makes it frigid.


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