At Play

I have not bothered to tote the big camera in this cold.  I took these photos on a couple different mornings just prior to the chill weather that has settled upon us.  Lily is a playful dog and is the one most often at the centre of playful activity.

Lily and Tex, Wren in the background (Crow is nearby, investigating empty food bowls - his number two priority; number one is eating).

Tex takes notice of me and the camera.

Lily after a rock or a stick, I'm not sure which. She goes on to have a lovely, long, roll and wash her face on the snow/ice surface.

Tex and Oakley having a peaceful exchange. I just love these two boys.


  1. Its rather remarkable that all these dogs get along with one another. Do they come up to you and want to be petted?

  2. Always love the dog pictures, Arlette. Your dogs are so beautiful. Have to smile about Crow and his food. So mastiff. Easy to train that way as a pet. Will do your bidding for any tidbit!


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