Solo Photo - LGD

Soulful Wisdom


  1. That God created dogs such as this one, and I truly believe the Creator of the Universe thought them up and takes great delight in their amazing skills, sensibilities and "soulful wisdom"...stirs in me deep gratitude and awe. This is a wonderful picture. I love it. Thank you!

    I have been ill all week with a terrible cold and cough. My dog, Moishe, has stayed so close, cozied up to me and looked at me again and again with such deep concern and affection.

    May you and yours have a truly blessed season of Noel Light ~ as you care for God's creatures, for one another, and for the people in your lives, may you experience His sweet approval and presence. marie

  2. I loved the pictures of the dogs from your Nova Scotia trip, plus what you said about the trip, and this picture too. I keep telling you, you are great with a camera, and that means capturing expression, and the moment. Your posts are my reward after working on my writing.

  3. Soulful wisdom...can't add anymore to that. Perfect picture with perfect caption.

    Simply beautiful.

  4. Can't add anything meaningful to the above three comments. Perfect.


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