Cold and Coyotes

The days are colder, no snow on the ground but the natural waters are frozen now. I brought the flock home last night so the animals could access open water at the water bowls.  No one seemed to notice, no one ran to the water bowls in thirst as I thought they might.  I surmised they are getting enough water from the heavily frosted grasses, or else they have opened a water hole I do not know about.

The coyotes are closer now.  Just this morning we saw one not far from the gate to the pasture. Tex and the pups met us at the gate, oblivious to the wild wanderer travelling a couple hilltops over.

Out further, at the flock, Lily and Whiskey came in from afar, heavily panting.  Oakley was still out and did not come up for breakfast. In these moments I feel like an outsider to this pack.  What is their story this morning?  What took place overnight?  Often we go without knowing.

For the next few days Allen will oversee the dogs and the flock and keep a lookout.  I'm heading to the eastern coast of Canada for a few days of meetings.  With luck I will have a short time to see some sheep and guardian dogs - I've packed the camera.

I will attempt to keep in touch but only have my phone along so there may be a short lull in the next few days (at the moment it won't let me share any photos and I have to catch a flight soon).  I'll also try instagram and Facebook.


  1. It sounds like Crow is working out and staying with the flock these days instead of wandering up to your home for food in the mornings. :-)


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