A Moment With BJ

Beautiful fall weather has arrived and we are enjoying it.  I moved the flock southward even though most of the tame forages on this pasture are grazed. I’m hoping the ewes find their way to the parcel of native prairie although the sheep don’t favour the slender grasses as much. With the flock headed south, I put the rams to the north, with seperation between the two groups.

BJ and Cajun were along for evening chores tonight. Our first stop was with Wren and Crow who are with the dogging sheep. Wren is showing some lameness and while Allen and I were checking her over BJ slipped off to fetch the sheep who were well across the paddock. She hasn’t worked for a couple weeks and was determined to go, disregarding my call to come back. BJ holds the soft spot of my heart and I let her be, knowing she’d bring those sheep right to my feet and she did just that. She was efficient about it and hence it was a short and dandy stint of work. It made me smile. Nothing too serious about it; watching a dog who knows full well what the purpose is and is geared up to do it. Moments like these are some of the best with these dogs.


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