On Tex and Pups

The snow is melting slowly and grass is showing but more rain is expected.  The sun has made brief appearances, offering brilliant breaks from the grey.

I moved the ewes over to join the lambs last week, so we're all one big happy flock again. I'm trying to keep all guardian dogs, minus Zeus who won't leave his rams, with that flock. Arrangements are being made for the sale of lambs so we'll be sorting them out again soon enough, but predator pressure on the lamb flock dictated we get everybody together with maximum dog power.

For a long time we have heard coyotes but seen few. Lately we are seeing them criss-crossing the countryside. The pressure comes and goes and we have had several easy years. As we head into winter I do not regret buying more guardian dogs and feel deeply pleased we were able to add an adult.

Tex is doing well. After some time of staying in one place and letting things settle with the other dogs I moved him out to be with the lamb flock (when the lambs were still in a separate pasture). Soon Whiskey joined him on his own initiative, perhaps recognizing that is where the predators were, and Lily was coming and going between the main flock and being near the rams and Zeus. Oakley remained with the ewes, Zeus with the rams.

Now the ewes and lambs are joined again and four of the adults dogs are stationed together. So far so good and perhaps the increase in workload is keeping everyone on common ground and too busy to cause trouble with each other.

And the pups, oh I’ve got a small book worth to tell on those two...  We’ve had headaches and highlights.  These two are really making me question the choice to raise them together.  I'll write more in way of explanation and fill you in soon. 


  1. Even though I saw my own female Kuvasz do some pretty wonderful things, I am still blown away when I hear how all your LGDs, just go and do their job. It's amazing and beautiful how their DNA works. And those pups are getting big! Can't wait to hear about their antics.


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