Linchpin Dogs

We are enjoying a fun time with friends Bill and Janice from Burradoo Ranch, going on early morning and late afternoon duck hunts with Janice’s Labrador, and working a few of the Kelpies in the afternoon. With the exception of todays rain and snow the weather has been very agreeable for us.

Tanner’s people were here late last week to spend a couple days learning what Tanner had learned during his summer here at Dog Tale Ranch. They headed out a few days ago meaning Tanner has returned to Montana to continue his working life there. I miss the sweet fellow dearly but having company here helps with that, as does knowing that Tanner is in a good home with great people who admire him even more than I do.

Tanner working lambs
It is marvellous how the dogs have been a linchpin in this life and continue to be so. They have been the cause of many tangents, the reason for many decisions, and the connection to many fabulous people in my life. Not to mention how essential they are to ranching with the intention of keeping a prairie ecosystem thriving.

I often think of changing the somewhat whimsical Dog Tale Ranch name for something a little more formidable and ranch-like. Then I think again how this place is built upon the stories of dogs and how it continues to create more stories, and I change my mind. Perhaps there is a perfect name for us but for now the tales of the sheep and the working dogs, where they lead us and who they connect us to, is what it seems to be about.