Down Time Equals Art Time

We are hovering right around the zero mark, making for a very slow melt of the foot or more of snow that fell in the area. There are still spots that are impassable. There is some damage to trees but only minimal, they are beginning to right themselves again as the weight on their leaf covered branches lessens.

The ewes and lambs are venturing forth in search of edible greens once again.  The dogs are moving around again and either Whiskey or Tex killed a badger caught in the pasture with the lambs. The rams and dogging sheep were offered hay because they are in smaller paddocks with limited greens to find underneath the snow.

This dump of snow is early, wet and unexpected in many ways besides the struggle of dealing with it in every day existence. The crop harvest was in full swing in surrounding fields, our hay has yet to be brought home, we still have growing lambs at pasture, and we hoped to do some fencing yet plus prepare a site for a house build next year.

We typically see first snowfall right before Halloween, and by then the ground is well on the way to freezing. Then the first snow settles on an already frozen surface and we can continue with regular work well enough until the real cold hits.   That is how we hope to start our winter season because then we’re not dealing with ice underneath the snow for the next five months.

This wet snow is a good amount of moisture already in place for next year.  Our fingers are crossed in hope that we’ll have a warm spell and see it melt.  Meanwhile I took full advantage of a half day of down time to be indoors and begin this dearly missed activity once again.

Progress throughout the day... since it's been awhile I found myself flitting here and there rather than working one area and then moving on.  I have a few more layers, the eye and the detail in the fur to finish before it's anywhere near done, but I am starting to relax back into the process.  The dog is a Maremma I knew well, now deceased.  No title for it yet and photo color is a bit darker than real.


  1. Just lovely. A peaceful countenance.

  2. Great art work. The eye says it all...very strong face, determined.


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