Video Post, Night Penning

I find it very tough to pay attention to recording video while working the dogs at the same time, hence I don’t take many videos.  Still I wanted to try getting a few of moving the flock. 

A video of the entire process would be far too long and probably pretty boring so I've just included these few short clips.  

I have three Kelpies with me on this evening; Cajun, Gibson and the youngster BlackJack is along for the ride and a bit of work if/when deemed appropriate.  It’s his first time watching this much action and he’s the one doing all the barking in the background.  I did allow him a bit of work once we had the sheep flocked up and settled (that video not shown, lol).  

The background to these videos:  We’ve already done the opening gather, meaning the dogs and I have traveled the pasture finding sheep, and moving each bunch in a general direction so they flock up.  

First video: Cajun is bringing sheep up from the far side of a large bush.  Gibson is in front, not doing much work in this case. 

Second video: we’re about half way home, just a short clip of the dogs moving the group.  

Third video:  We have traveled across the pasture, through our first gate and across a smaller paddock and are now at the night pen, front gate.  The dogs have done this many times before so they are familiar with the job, and in this particular case PJ, the llama gives us an unexpected helping hand.    


  1. The videos were great! So fun to actually see the dogs and sheep in action, and doing their job. I enjoyed also just seeing the dogs standing still and keeping guard, making sure the sheep did as told!

  2. Hey, I didn't know you have a llama! I just got one! She is now helping Bess guard my sheep since I had the coyote attack. Interesting creatures, those llamas! Your videos were fun to watch. I am so used to the quiet border collies that it is interesting to see the kelpies use their barking to help move the sheep.

    1. The barking kelpie in the video is the pup tied up on the Ranger, frustrated because he's not working. When at work Kelpies work quietly like the border collies. The two on the ground in the videos never bark while working. Some yard lines of kelpies will bark but the bark is purposeful, and only as needed. Cajun will bark (once or twice, not incessantly) when he's riding along on the Ranger and knows we want sheep to move, and that's very handy. Put him on the ground though and he doesn't make a peep. The NZ Huntaways bark a lot to move sheep and they're also black and tan dogs.

  3. Glad you explained the barking. I thought the same thing, that it must be a breed trait :-). Loved the videos!


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