September Does That

We often sell lambs near the end of September but this year we decided to keep them a bit longer and let them put on a few more pounds. It delays the ineveitable task of selling lambs, a task that continues to tug at my moral principles, no matter when we do it.  We fence line weaned, and the lambs are fully separate from the ewes now.  They remain in the north pasture and the ewes travel southward each day to graze.  Each evening when the ewes return they night pen alongside the lambs.

We continue to bring the ewes home each night although we don’t really need to now that there are no lambs at foot.  The night penning is good for the pups though and the lambs bed down right next door to the ewes so they are close by as well.  The pups are not yet traveling out with the flock on their own initiative, so by day they hang out with Tex and Zeus, and at night they join the flock and the other three adults.

The day to day pace is settling down a tad or it feels like it anyway; September does that.  The colder nights remind us that is we’re into the last month before we start to freeze up.

This photo was taken a few days prior to weaning lambs.  The flock is settling in the night pen.  I love how the ewes and lambs join up each night to sleep next to each other.  The dogs have just eaten and that's Oakley already sound asleep. 


  1. Lovely picture, Arlette. I feel peaceful just looking at it.

  2. Oakley sleeping so contently really makes that photo a great one! I often find my Bess sleeping like that in the early morning after a night of defending the farm from coyotes. These dogs deserve a rest!

  3. It looks as though it is the sheep's turn to watch over Oakley.

  4. Such a happy picture,all look so that the lambs have a mama to sleep with.


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