Almost Made It

With a few evenings of moving the ewes home for the night the girls are now onto the plan and are moving more readily.  In the night pen Wren and Crow are becoming more comfortable with the large group but choose to sleep closer to the building which they are familiar with.  We had a small victory with Wren and Crow staying out at pasture for the duration of the day today.  

I took a few short videos of moving the flock with the stock dogs but be damned if I can get them uploaded to YouTube.  I’ll have to try leaving it upload overnight.  

I almost made it back to the drawing table (the literal one, not the figurative one.  Or wait a minute, maybe it’s both).  With moving house the normal order of life and where our belongings are at, is still all out of order.  I’m in a completely new creative space and still feeling a bit out of sorts with it.  I keep approaching the drawing table and then leaving it as I discover there are items I still need to bring over from the old house. 

Meanwhile, I keep practicing with the camera, aiming for the next good reference photo.  These don't quite have the detail needed but appeal to me nonetheless and make me smile.  I love these dogs.  


  1. So much joy!!! There is always an ebb and flow to life. I try to catalogue these sort of days, as I'm sure you do, to savor on the not so joyous days. Love it....thanks for sharing.


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