Temporarily Losing Track

When I create art or write regularly a feeling of clarity emerges, a knowing that the reason I enjoy living this life has almost as much to do with sharing it as it does with living it.  

Yet there are times when it feels boring, or, as is the case right now, it feels like there is so much to share and I’ll never be able to fit it all in.  There are so many pieces, parts and connections, and as bizarre as it sounds, I lose track of where to start.  

There is a lot going here this summer, more so than usual on account of the fact that we’re moving.  Not off the ranch - heavens no, not yet.  But we’re moving out of our farm house and into a new shop building.  At the moment half our belongings are ‘out there’ and half are still in the house, which is lending to a feeling of not knowing what’s next or what to make happen next. 

The day to day of the ranch is happening by rote routine and because I have a dog here for training and our annual herding clinic is coming up, I’m working stock dogs every day.  But I have not been in the art room on a consistent basis and so feel that arm of creativity losing ground.  I want it back.  

I have several new photos on the camera but it is ‘out there’ and I don’t know where the camera to computer cord is at the moment so I’m going with an older photo from the files because I know you’ll understand and that you enjoy them regardless.  Bless you for that, because a critical part of sharing is having someone to share with. 


  1. I completely understand. I have photos that never get shared because I just can't get it all done and eventually they get lost in the files :-(.

  2. Arlette, as a writer I have those moments often. There is so much to tell, so much I want to get down, that it becomes overwhelming. And then the rest of life jumps in and writing is left behind! All you can do is what is most important first, and work done the line from there. But remember life is short and so is summer, so don't feel guilty if you do what you love, first. The picture you shared is comforting.

    1. Judi, what do you do when you start feeling angry that the writing keeps getting left behind?

  3. Know exactly how you feel..all part of being a creative person.

  4. Nice to hear I'm not alone in this :-) Thanks for listening.


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