Solo Photo

Trailing Along


  1. This is a simply wonderful picture,the lighting is amazing..I could easily frame it and gaze many hours at them wending their way up the path..You could call it 'Wending our way' I can envision it 'felted' by you..would be stunning...Thank you for the joy you send out...and to the sheep and dogs that of course allow you to.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate knowing the scenes speak to others as well.

  2. Everything in my being wants to know what is on the other side of that rise. I'm one of those annoying folks who like to solve mysteries and to see the view beyond. Isn't it amazing how photos speak to us in different ways. I love the image of the last ewe and her meandering ways. Just taking her time and enjoying life. Maybe she spies one of your dogs nearby. See...I have to wonder. It's in my DNA. Without your images I wouldn't have had the chance to do that today. Thanks


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