New Nightly Task

I started night penning the flock the other night and will continue to do so for awhile.  I think the ewes are being bothered, plus it’s a good opportunity for the guardian pups to spend the night with the flock while somewhere near home.  It also means some good stock dog work every night.  

In for the night

Doing an hour long activity with the sheep and stock dogs brings back the work and feel of the place.  We have been on a roller coaster of busy this last month.  I’ve been here the whole time yet it feels like I’ve lost touch with the place.  I know the sheep are still grazing where they’re supposed to be because I check them twice each day but otherwise…?

I always gripe about the extra work of night penning until I do it the first time and then I remember how much I actually enjoy it.  The evening with the dogs and the sheep, walking, occasionally running, them home.  The hard work of convincing the ewes to go into the night paddock the first few nights.  The ease of knowing where they, and the guardian dogs, are in the morning and watching the flock head out to graze.  

Which way to go; noticing the rams are that way

Pouring out