LGD Zeus

Zeus is the dog who stays with the rams, who are now grazing in the lambing pasture.  Recently he has taken a fancy to visiting the main flock and the other three dogs on a frequent basis.  With a bit more fencing completed, the flock do not travel quite as far so it is not difficult for him to travel back and forth.  

In previous years we tried to get Zeus to join the main pack but had no luck, he would immediately return to his group of rams.  I am going on a hunch that the reason he feels he can do so now is because Diesel isn’t around to push him out (D-man is one of the dogs we lost this past year).  

Lily and Oakley really don’t seem to mind him, but he gets a regular inspection from Whiskey each time out.  I appreciate that Zeus is crossing paddocks and helping out and it lifts my heart to see a small pack forming again, even if one member is still at visitor status.   


  1. Lovely dogs and photos. I love seeing their interactions.

  2. Yes, wonderful pictures. And very heartwarming to hear.

  3. So nice to know they can all respect each other,share a little gossip now and then..help each other when need be..

  4. I love how they all work (or don't work) together. Always interesting.


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