Holiday At Home

When visitors pack up and leave after spending a few days here there is always the sensation of floating somewhere between the peace of alone and the pinch of loneliness.  There is a good dose of gratitude in the mix as well, which speaks to the type of company you have been blessed to spend time with, and the enjoyment of the activity that brought them here in the first place.   

The scene on the evening before the trials

The herding trial on Saturday went off smoothy, with the sheep working well and the dogs stepping up as best they could.  The kelpies and I did well which is a lovely bonus.  I rarely get to do herding trials and discovered I enjoyed the ranch dog courses and the challenges presented.  

Following on the heels of the trial, the stock clinic flew right on by, and I can’t believe it’s already been several days since I last posted.  

The scene midway through the three day clinic
The set up we have for hosting these stock dog events is three outdoor arenas (small, medium and large) with exhaust and holding pens connecting all three.  It seems to work well for movement of sheep where needed, while providing appropriate pen size for dogs of varying skill levels (the small arena is just off the left of the photo). Since we had a number of sheep available to use we were able to do some work on small groups of 25 - 30 head for those who wanted to try it this year, and there were a few who did.  Gibson and I opted to try doing some shedding with the larger group. 

Dave and Trudy, and the last of the campers pulled out this morning.  Allen and I spent the day meandering about returning the yard and house to a vague normal again, only because we needed simple, easily doable things to keep ourselves occupied for a bit.  The sheep got a well deserved day of rest.  

I am so pleased with my stock dogs and the stretch in training Dave Viklund gave us.  It has been awhile since I have felt this invigorated about the dogs and training them.  If Dave or Trudy ever come to your area for a clinic, just go, it will be well worth it.   


  1. I love the ebb and flow of your lives....such a beautiful place to experience it in.


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