A Dandy Relationship

Allen took this photo with his iPhone while out feeding the dogs in the morning.  Unless we have all the sheep flocked up and heading somewhere it’s pretty tough to catch them all in one photo.  There is a large portion hidden in the low spot and the flock stretches way back to that right hand peninsula on the wetland.  It would be a dandy cast to try with a stock dog.  

This large wetland (small lake) is pretty typical for the last three years but not normal for this area of the prairies overall.  We used to have a fence back there. This is just one of a few large wetlands on the place that have swallowed up a fence line; hence the reason we no longer rely on electric fencing.  When the water first began to rise a few years back we expected it would be short lived and we’d be back to drier conditions and having fences where we built them.  Didn’t happen, and while conditions will return to dry years, it will be some time before we have any hope of resurrecting old fence lines. 

With the loss of so many fences our rotational grazing came to a halt, but we have managed to keep sheep where needed, just on larger pastures than we planned for.  Mother N is really the one calling the shots and we continually adjust.  Although at times it gets tough to keep the perspective and view it as such, it is quite a dandy relationship. 


  1. I really enjoy seeing where you live. It's beautiful. And wow, the sheep! How big is the flock?

    1. Thank you Judi. The flock looks pretty large right now with lambs at foot. Right around 1000 hd.


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