Wool Art, Familiar Tails

Today was another day of the international rangeland congress; tomorrow I'm off to help set up for our provincial sheep and fibre show, happening this weekend.  After that I shall return to the regularly scheduled program of ranch life, sheep and dogs.

One neat thing about the congress - there are a few Australian delegates there who are looking for a place they can visit and see sheep and grass.  Someone passed my name around; we're trying to organize a tour here on Saturday.  Such a lovely connection for Allen and I, given we have the obvious sheep side of things to share but also the Australian Kelpies.

I did use a day away from conferencing to get stuff together for the fibre portion of our small provincial show.  I'll be doing some needle felting while there, and think I'll enter a fleece or two for judging.  I put a few hours into this piece hoping to have it complete for the show, and while I did manage to finish the scene I won't get the edges done and have it ready to hang.  I'll show it anyway.  I couldn't decide to go with Familiar Trails or Familiar Tails but Facebook friends decided on Tails.

The picture is showing a tad darker than it is for real.  I think I'll gallery wrap it on a canvas so it will be without a frame.  The felted area is 12 x 28 inches.


  1. Very, very nice!
    Best of luck with the show!

  2. I must tell you that this is my favorite piece. I love the color and the contrast. The realism you infuse is always awesome. I wish I could buy it. :-)


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