Touring and Talking

We did manage to arrange a sheep and pasture tour for a group of Australian visitors last evening.  We had a gorgeous prairie evening for it which was amazing given that throughout the day it poured buckets of rain at our place (our old farmhouse started to leak).  I took a few photos of the tour group, however, sadly did not take any at the sheep show.  We drove our guests out to one of our native prairie pastures, which is also high ground and a gorgeous place to have a look around at the landscape in this area.  

Allen and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with these fun and genuine individuals who, collectively, had such a depth of knowledge and experience of rangelands and sheep.  It was a great exchange of stories and laughter.  

Today it was back to the sheep show and small fibre show, making for a full weekend of sheep, dogs, and fibre, and way more talking than I am used to doing.  I realized that I talk very softly, perhaps a habit born out of talking to animals all the time.  I think tomorrow will be a day off so I may just chill out and work my stock dogs a bit, maybe tackle the next issue of the Crooked Fences newsletter or do a bit artwork.  

[These are two photos from my archives]


  1. It is always encouraging to have an opportunity to speak with like-minded people from different places. I am sure they felt lucky to have met you.


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