The Pups With Visitors

The reason for the sporadic posts of late is lack of internet connection.  We are into a process of elimination to find out why, meanwhile getting online is suddenly much more complex than opening the computer and signing in. I’m doing my best but suspect it will continue to be sporadic for a spell.  We are very rural so getting help takes a bit of doing.  On one hand, this scenario is a limitation of rural ranch life, on the other hand, a reminder of the pure solitude that can be had in these places.  And connected or not, I keep writing posts in my journal. 

It’s been raining for hours and hours and we are thoroughly soaked.  This rain was preceded by a couple weeks of regular thunderstorms with hard rains, so more rain isn’t really needed just now.  Some areas of the province are flooding but we are in good shape yet.  The sheep are wet, the dogs are wet, this old house is wet, and it feels like every where and every thing is dripping.  The lgd pups are a mucky mess, trotting through puddles and then sleeping on the dirt floor of the building.   

They had some visitors a few days back.  Wren hung back, not willing to venture forward to meet and greet, and when she did approach she was aloof but inquisitive.  She never offered a greeting but kept her distance and sniffed to find out more.

Crow promptly came forward, with lambs at his heels, and he found out who was who among the newcomers.  He stayed near the fence, grovelling for a bit, and then found a spot of shade next to the building and went to sleep.    

When the visitors ventured into the paddock and lead the lambs down the alleyway, Wren trotted a distance behind the lambs almost like she was concerned where they were going.  When they headed into the building she readily followed.  Here she laid down at their feet and stayed with them, almost willing them to stay put and not go back out those strange humans.  It was lovely to see.  Crow remained in his shady spot.  Content to sleep since it was a hot afternoon.  

They are growing up faster than I can tell their stories.


  1. Wow, seems like Wren has it down. Fantastic! Hopefully soon, Crow will follow. However he did check out the visitors, before deciding they were okay,and he could take a nap. I am rather fond of your little mastiff chap. It will be fun to watch him mature. As for Wren, she will be like a duck to water with her lambs.


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