Stormy Summer Days With A Sketch

We are receiving regular thunderstorms with heavy bursts of rain, followed by brilliant bursts of sunshine and heat.  The grass is maturing way ahead of the ewes.  It is crazy thick and tall in many areas.  Haying was just getting underway and will be delayed.  The heavily over-grazed lambing pasture is certainly recovering well though. 

This photo was taken on the milk vetch pasture while searching for ewes in the evening.  

I do not know the species name of this little character but not knowing formal names never prevents me from appreciating the presence of the assorted living things hanging around this place.  These birds frequent the pastures where the sheep are, and they flirt around from ewe to ewe, riding along on their backs.  They do the same around cows.    

It’s crazy busy here this year, with a few extra things on our plate this summer, yet nonetheless I’m back into a bit of an art and writing routine once more.  There is a local sheep and fibre show coming up so I’m pushing to get a new piece or two finished up in time.  I sketched this one out the other day and it looks like a strong possibility for becoming a felted piece (if it looks familiar - it is a repeat scene scaled up. I first drew it a long time ago). 


  1. I believe that is a cowbird. Since you don't have cattle, it has to settle for sheep!! How are those pups doing? We have had hot humid weather, and Bess does not like it. I let her sleep in my cool house all day and she goes out on patrol at night.

  2. I agree, Arlette, this sketch will make a good fibre art piece. I'll be interested in seeing it when you have it finished. Best Wishes, Ann


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