Sheep Full Days

There is a lot going on here, and the days are plump full and then some, all in a nice, steady way.  It was our Canada day long weekend this past weekend; Allen and I went fencing.  We are slowly sub dividing larger pieces of grazing pastures.  Since losing our cross fencing to high waters, the ewes have freely traveled the grazing lands and have a circuit they typically like to make.  The new fence line now interrupts a main thoroughfare on their circuit.  

After completing the fence I spent a morning looking for ewes and lambs in waist high grass and moving them to the newly divided two quarters.  It’s been awhile since I’ve lost my cool while working sheep but this was a frustrating, long morning of sheep work to be truthful.  Probably enough said there. 

When I checked again later, the ewes were wandering the new fence line, perplexed that they could not take the familiar path to everywhere else and graze the grass out there.  By evening, they settled for grazing a gorgeous patch of brome grass, vetch and alfalfa, which is just what they would graze everywhere else; silly things.

With that job complete, we’re pulling back on fencing for a short spell and working on finishing a shop building, which will become a temporary house for us in the near future, plus readying for sheep herding camp which is arriving all too quickly.   Weekly get togethers with friends to work stock dogs is ongoing and much appreciated.  We worked dogs long into the evening last night and I think we are all eager for the learning and social euphoria for dog enthusiasts that herding camp tends to be.  

One more quick update for this post - I’ve joined Facebook.  I’m just getting started over there but I’m set up for followers if you’d like to tag along for regular photos and more.


  1. You might look at Instagram, too, if you aren't already doing that. I actually enjoy it much more than FB and you can tie your posts to FB and Twitter (T needs an extra app to post the picture rather than just a link but it's not hard).

    1. Thanks, I checked it out and signed up to see what it's about.


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