Coming and Going

Our internet connection is spotty at best lately, perhaps due to seasonal thunderstorms passing overhead nearly everyday.  Yesterday internet disappeared altogether and this morning I connected via my cell phone. 

I am really limiting the attention I foster on these two birds.  It’s barely working, such is their desire to meet and greet me.  Any attention toward Wren is geared to teaching her about boundaries; not to paw my leg for attention, or bat the food dish just as I’m about to set it down, nor guard it afterward.  Crow doesn’t need any extra attention at all, he’s plenty secure about people regardless.    

A little of each pups influence has rubbed off on the other.  With Crow’s influence, Wren is now more excited when greeting me.  With Wren’s influence Crow is okay heading off to other business when I leave. 

I have started to teach them ‘go to your sheep' to send them back toward the lambs.  This will come in handy when we transition to pasture work and there is no small paddock fence nearby to keep them where needed.  And later on, when they start wandering I have a cue to use to help make a point. 

One stage we’re going through right now is over eager greeting when I arrive to check on them.  All the adult dogs greet us on the pasture, and that's okay, however, there is greeting in a neutral fashion and then there is the greeting that all puppies do.  That puppy greeting will slowly fade, especially if we don’t foster it right now.  With two pups though, especially one who has associated with people from an infant, it is doubly hard to neutralize. 

There is puppy behavior that is just that - puppy behaviour, I don’t worry over much about it at this stage but it is important not to foster it.  Fostering excited greetings and interactions does nothing to help the pup in any way down the road.  I don’t want to teach excitement, these dogs will see plenty of it in their working lives, without having learned it from me.  But if we instill in them to go calm rather than excited, then I think they’ll be a wiser and more confident working dog for it.  

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  1. They are very cute together! I like your approach to puppies.

  2. You really are great with a camera, catching these wonderful moments with these pups. Sounds to me like you are doing everything right, and the pictures prove how well these two "birds" are getting along. Have you any thoughts on using them as a breeding pair someday, if they both are great LG dogs? I never asked if you breed any of your dogs.

  3. In general, I have thought of breeding dogs thousands of times over. In regards to Wren and Crow, yes it has crossed my mind that they might make a worthwhile pair. Wren is already showing enough promise to make me think about it. I have to see more on Crow. To date I have not set out to breed the guardian dogs. I have relied on purchasing the dogs I need. I do continuously contemplate the notion though.


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